1rst Grade Memory

I’ve been re-visiting a first grade concept lately, saving it for a rainy blog day. Today was a sick on the couch watching movies day. My head’s a bit fuzzy but hopefully I can articulate my thought.

When I was in first grade we spent some time studying emotions by talking about warm fuzzies and cold pricklies. It should come to no surprise that we turned them into an art project. I kept mine, they’re stored in a scrapbook somewhere in an unpacked box.

The warm fuzzy was bright and cheery and happy and made you feel good. Cold pricklies of course did the opposite.

I’ve been wondering lately which I have and give off more of. I’d like to say I have way more warm fuzzies, but I don’t think that is necessarily the case. More often than not in the current cramped quarters of my life, I’m hurling out cold pricklies.

So how are warm fuzzies acquired?  Spiritually, turning my thoughts on God, on Christ, and digging into the Word more. And praise. Praising God can quadruple my warm fuzzies in no time.

Cold pricklies can multiply way faster than warm fuzzies, especially when things are not going quite the way you want them to. Cold pricklies remind me of frightened porcupines shooting their quills out at what gets too close. Okay, I may be making that up, but honestly I’m too tired to open a new tab and research porcupine quills at this moment.

So which do you have more of lately, warm fuzzies or cold pricklies?  Is there a relevant art project from your own childhood that addresses something in your current life?

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