Creative Viral Outbreak

I’m coming down with a virus and I would like you to get it too.

Okay, my throat is a bit scratchy and I’m drinking herbal tea, but that’s not what I’m referring to. No, I’m talking about an outbreak of creativity.

I had time tonight to play my guitar and sing songs, both mine and others’, really loud and to my heart’s content. And most of them were directed toward God. It felt great, it had been much too long since I had done that, and my heart needed to sing and praise and sing and praise some more.

I’m inviting you to be creative before the LORD in a viral kind of way, where it is infectious and spreads rapidly among the masses. I can hear some of you already, “But I’m not creative!” Baloney.

God gifted us all in unique ways and created us to create, and in that creating to give Him glorious praise back. Do I know what it looks like in you? No, but I bet that if you’d ask God, He would show you something you already do that is creative and that you can do before Him.

We were created by Elohim, the Creator, to create and give Him glory. So I’m passing along my virus to you and hoping that you become infected.

Questions (which usually means give an answer, AKA:  I would like to hear your response, please comment):

What does losing yourself creatively look like for you? How do you give it back to God? How can you spread the creative virus to others?

1 thought on “Creative Viral Outbreak

  1. Okay, I’m going to put this out there, though it may say strange to some. Yesterday was a rather warm morning in our area (for February that is). The birds thought so too and were out like spring had arrived, chirping, tweeting, warbling, cawing, chee-cheeing, screeching, etc. I sat and listened trying to pick out who was saying what. I surmised that they were praising God for the nice morning, but then it got quiet… really quiet. Then is when I felt I heard them saying, “We’re waiting for you… it’s your turn! Your time to sing praise to God!” So, as if I was a bird and unafraid that my warbling might sound less than a beautiful birdsong, I sang, quietly at first, then a bit louder. The birds stayed quiet, so I sang the chorus again. A few birds chirruped and tweeted to add to my song. And I felt blessed to be part of His magnificent creation sings with the birds of the air of His glorious splendour. It was great, as in, it felt great and special.

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