Cafe Deja Vu

As soon as I stepped in the door, I knew I had been there before, even though I hadn’t.

Immediately warmth enveloped me. I felt at home. I chose where to sit amidst cozy, mismatched furniture and sipped my cappuccino, listening to singer songwriter music, my favorite.

And all the while I was reminded of a coffee shop I had been to before in Yellow Springs, OH. Or was it Indianapolis, IN? Bar Harbor, ME? Noblesville, IN?

The Village Idiot, a coffeeshop in a house somewhere around the north part of Indianapolis when I was in college. I thought, this is the type of place I would own if I owned a coffeeshop. But of course it would have to be tea.

What is it that called to me so much about the place? I’ve been socked in with fog for days. Damp gloom. But I felt it lift away from my spirit as I sat there journaling, dreaming, questioning.

It felt homey, more so than the rental I currently reside in. Maybe it was about escape, or perhaps just a break up of weary, oppressive routine. Either way my mind drifted easily to other chapters of my life, seemingly simpler times, although I know that each chapter had its own struggles and obstacles to persevere through and overcome. As does my current chapter, LORD help me.

Have you ever been somewhere new and found yourself swept away to a past chapter of your life? What was it about the place that whisked you off?


2 thoughts on “Cafe Deja Vu

  1. The first time I stepped foot in the Middle school with Jon. It brought back so many memory’s of my youth, the carefree time of life. The smell of paper , freaky sharpened pencils and the rubber from basketballs and squeaky tennis shoes. It reminded me that time flys by so fast, that u take for granted those times where your worry was whether your best friend wrote u a note between classes on paper. What you were gonna where that day and who to sit by during lunch. I cannot honestly say I miss middle school or high school, but I can say I miss the carefree time if life when you didn’t have to worry about bills , grocery or laundry! I really think that’s why God reminds us to be like little Children, he wants us to trust him and enjoy the moments more instead if stressing the little things. By the way, fresh paper, new books and sharpened pencils are still some of my favorite things! Nikki

  2. How do we cultivate a more childlike outlook? How do we not stress so much about the little things? And are many of the big things really little things we’ve elaborated on?

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