In Search Of . . . Part 3

If you could travel to any time in history where would you go?

I’ve always imagined myself a pioneer making my way across the frontier of the west. And I don’t know why I prefer that time. Maybe it has something to do with those wide, open spaces. Places where dreams have opportunities to flourish and spread.

I refuse to kid myself. I know that pioneer women had it rough and I honestly doubt I would have made it. I mean, I’ve played the Oregon Trail computer game numerous times and only made it all the way maybe twice.

The thing is, there’s just too many darn unpredictable problems that can and will arise. Just when the woman finally settled in her sod house then she encountered Indians or wildfire or cattle thieves or crop destruction or death or anything else to shake any sense of home she might have finally felt.

Okay, well I guess I am a pioneer woman. I’m in a place of wide, open spaces these days. I’m in a place to dust off some dreams and let them flourish and spread. But the thing is, there’s just too many darn unpredictable problems that can and will arise. What’s a pioneer to do?

They kept going. They moved again, rebuilt, re-planted, armed themselves and tried to be better prepared for next time, all the while hoping and working toward their goals.

I am slowly moving across these plains of life heading for heaven’s frontier. Challenges will continue to pop up. But I must keep hoping, keep working, keep moving forward in my faith. My Shepherd tells me to be in search of the Kingdom of God here and now. Who knows when and how it will reveal itself!

So I am a pioneer woman, in search of. . .  God country. The trail is calling again.


For discussion:  Which is more appealing to you, time travel or slipping into the world of a favorite fictional book? Where would you go?


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