In Search Of . . . Part 2

Overcome by beauty. I’m listening to David Nevue piano music as I write this. Soft, whispering notes lift my soul to sway in the breeze, refreshing and making me new.

Wanting to hold on to the moment of this song, despite the dog barking at the door to get in, the draft hitting my back in this century old house and the ongoing list of things I should and need to do. And like that it is gone.

But who’s to say it was never there? Trees hear trees falling in the forest. God hears my heart falling in the dark.

And He lifts me up in these little snippets of time where, for an instant, I tune in to Him.

But we have to search for Him. He’s not missing, just hiding. Or is it us hiding behind things that obstruct our view of Him?

Almighty God, You are so beautiful in each of our lives. Help us to see You. Help us to know You more.

How often do we stop ourselves from seeing Him, seeing His goodness? It overflows out of the endless fountain of abundance that is His love for me, for you.

And now the song Just As I Am is playing instrumentally and I thank God for the Presbyterian experience of singing this song as a child, so that as it plays now, the words sing silently in my mind.

He meets me right where I am. Failures exposed. Sins on the surface. He hurls our iniquities into the depths of the sea. (Micah 7:19, NIV)

In my search for God’s goodness I continually find myself falling into His grace.

What overcomes you with its beauty? Can you see the invisible line that connects to the Father, to the Son, to the Spirit, and back to you?

I would love to hear about your own in search of experience.




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