Symphonic Praise

I’m writing a symphony of praise. I’m no composer, though I’ve been known to write a song or two, but that was just me and my guitar.

I work on it everyday, whether I acknowledge it or not. Some days it sounds out in a minor key. Other days it’s in a major key.

Staccato notes pop up short and sweet from time to time, crisp and rhythmic. These are the quick moments of praise sent up to my heavenly Father for little blessings and gifts. The beautiful sunset revealing His majesty. Praise for the finishing of a task. The encouragement of a friend.

Then there are the low, bassy, whole notes, the ongoing, underlying praise that comes from deep within me, often times overlooked. But when I’m listening for them, I can distinguish those notes of praise easily enough. God is good. He is love. He created me for His purpose.

And there are measures of silence called rests. Moments when the best praise to God I can give is to be silent, to rest in His presence.

I have trills where I quickly go back and forth on a couple of different praises. There are runs of consecutive notes of praise, tying together, and also repeating phrases of praise. Key changes and tempo changes are also at the ready depending on my day.

Today I wrote in several measures of rest as I sat in a sunbeam, dozing and praising God for His warmth and light in my life. Habakkuk 3:17-19 came to mind. I read it and praised God more.

Lord, You are so good to me.

What do you think about this concept of praise?



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