12 Foot Breaker

A 12′ breaker hit the shore of my life today. I was going along just fine, or so I thought, when out of the blue a huge breaker crashed in on my life.

And if that weren’t enough, it brought with it dozens of driftwood logs, forcing me to deal with big things I had long since pushed away from me in the ocean of my life.

I’d like to say I grabbed a surf board and cowabunga’ed my way over it. But I’d be lying.

Instead I was flooded with past memories amidst a constant downpour of tears. I was dazed. I was caught off guard and didn’t know which way to turn, so I turned to my old habit of running away from the pain.

I drove and prayed and cried. I stood silent on the edge of the water. I wanted to connect with the crane down shore from me. But we both kept our solitary distance. I had a few moments of peace. Fragmented lavendar pieces of shell lay all around my feet.

Even here, facing these things, God had given me gifts of beauty.

I must deal with the driftwood logs now, one at a time. Each log bears a deadened, crushing, water-logged weight in my life.

God help me.

Have you ever had a day like this? How did you get through it?


4 thoughts on “12 Foot Breaker

  1. I write out my thoughts and feelings just as you have done… just like the Psalmist David did so long ago. Always turning to the One who is able to “rescue helpless from the strong” (Psalm 35:10), the One who shows me how to ride the wave of grief until I reach the firm ground again.

  2. By time you get to my age, there are many days like that. Just staying attuned to the Universe and all of the amazing beauty and the new paths is the key. You will be shocked at where your life will lead, and the journey will be spectacular.

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