Blogging–the Start of a New Journey


I’m a journey girl. I haven’t physically traveled far but I travel daily in my soul.  Today I start on a new journey with blogging. I selected the above photo because it reminds me that even simple things have a journey they must take, surroundings they must push themselves up out of. Only after they start the journey do they come to life.

Journeys are a process, they are not short, sweet, and to the point. They require perseverance, a stepping out in faith, an analytical look into areas of our lives where we may or may not want to look.

So today I enter the world of blogging, a backpack of words and thoughts flung over my shoulder, to be pulled out as needed. My plan is to write three times a week. I would like to invite you along on my journey, or at least to take a short reprieve from your own journey to join me a moment on mine.

In the meantime, where is God calling you to start on a journey?

7 thoughts on “Blogging–the Start of a New Journey

  1. Wow! So glad you are doing this! You have such a way with words, and often your wanderings bring you insights worthy of sharing. Love the pic at the top of the blog.

  2. I’m very happy that you’re starting this blog, Laura. Consider me a faithful reader already. Love the cover photo- is that from Doolin?

  3. God is calling me to trust him. To step out in faith in regards to relationships and being alone. I think the biggest struugle is letting go of control. Nicole “Nikki”

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